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All Natural Menopause Relief

Clear Menopause contains a unique blend of herbs, formulated to work in combination with active homeopathic ingredients to provide safe and effective relief from the symptoms associated with menopause.

Benefits and Features of Clear Menopause

Aspirin, gluten, and lactose free
Non-habit forming
Easy-to-swallow capsules
Does not cause drowsiness
Vegetable Capsules


Symptoms associated with menopause
Hot flashes or night sweats
Woman Dryness, dry skin
Insomnia, disturbed sleep, or restless sleep
Emotional instability, mood swings, irritability, and crying spells
Fatigue or depression
Menstrual irregularity
Weight gain, excessive hunger, bloating, headache

Therapeutic Actions:

Symptoms associated with menopause
Balances female hormones
Balances mood swings
Stops perspiration
Moistens the body
Treats insomnia, restless, and disturbed sleep


Increase liquids intake throughout the day.
A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grain, fish, poultry, and meeats is essential to support the body, immune system, and nourish the skin
Vitamins are essential for a healthy body
Intake of salt should be restricted
Intake of sweets and refined sugar should be limited.
Avoid over-eating, smoking, alcohol, coffee, drugs, and preserved foods
Avoid greasy, fried foods, caffeine, and sugar

Suggested Use:  Take 2 capsules 2 times per day to relieve the symptoms associated with menopause. Do not exceed 6 capsules in a 24 hour period.

Supplemental Formulas:

For mental alertness, physical energy, and stress relief take Clear N*R*G+
For dry skin, hair, and nails, take Clear Skin, Hair, & Nails Sinus & Ear
To maintain a healthy immune system include Clear Immune Support

Active Homeopathic Ingredients: Calcarea Carbonica 6x, Black Cohosh 6x, Ignatia 6x, Lycopodium 6x, Pulsatilla 6x, Sanguinaria 6x, Sepia 7x

Other Ingredients:
(Herbal Extracts): Rehmannia, Anemarrhena, Peony, Phellodendron, Cornelian Cherry, Wild Yam, Polygonum Multiflorum, Goji, Moutan, Bupleurum, Red Date, Licorice Root

Helpful Tips:

Avoid anxiety, stress, and tension as much as possible
Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body and immune system
Adequate rest and sleep are important in maintaining a healthy body and immune system

Warnings:  If digestive problems occur while taking Clear Meniopause , reduce dosage

Disclaimer:   These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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