Similasan Sleeplessness Relief Globules 15 g, Night Time Sleep Aid

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Similasan Sleeplessness Relief Globules 15 g, Night Time Sleep Aid

Night Time Sleep Aid
Relieves Symptoms of Occasional Sleeplessness & Restlessness
Naturally Effective & Safe
Non-Habit Forming
100% Natural

There's tranquility in this box.

Tranquility in knowing you're making the healthy choice for you and your family by choosing Similasan's Sleeplessness Relief.

Sleeplessness Relief is formulated to stimulate the body's natural ability to relieve symptoms of occasional sleeplessness, restlessness, light sleep or excessive dreaming as well as any difficulty falling asleep or frequent waking during the night.

For over 25 years our Original Swiss Formulas -- always made with 100% natural ingredients -- have been providing families with remedies that are naturally effective and safe and whose active ingredients have no known side effects.

Suggested Use:

For adults and children ages 2 and above:

* Twist cap off bottle breaking tamper-evident seal
* Unscrew cap from bottle
* Dispense 7-10 globules, for best results allow to dissolve in mouth

Occasional Sleeplessness: Take in the evening before going to bed. If you don't find relief immediately, repeat every fifteen minutes. Also take during the night if you wake frequently.

Ingredients: Active Ingredients:
Avena sativa 12X (sleeplessness, nervousness)
Hepar sulphuris 12X (restlessness)
Pulsatilla 15X (irregular/agitated sleep)
Zincum valerianicum 12X (sleeplessness)

Inactive Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Xylitol (Sugar-Free)

Active ingredients are microdiluted in accordance with the Homeopathic Supplements of the United States, and are therefore non-toxic and have no known side effects.

Warnings:  Consult physician before use if pregnant or nursing.
consult a wellness professional if symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks or worsen.
In case of accidental dose, get professional help and call for help immediately.

Disclaimer:  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.