Ancient Clay Natural Soap Big River 10.5oz (300 g) Zion

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100% Clay & Vegetable Based
- Ancient Clay Soap Contains More Than 57 Trace Minerals in Pure Form
- Vegan
- Gluten Free
- No Animal Testing
- Biodegradable & Recyclable Packaging
How it Works

Soap is the cornerstone of keeping your body clean from bacteria, microbes, and viruses. Our Natural Soap is a unique mixture of essential oils and clay, providing hydration and minerals to the skin. This natural soap is formulated to energize and purify the skin without drying.

Back when the world was young, the rivers were a disgruntle lot. Their waters grew during the rains and shrunk during the summer, but overall they had flourished. They grew from miniscule streams at the tops of mountains into larger rivers meandering through wide, open plains. But, their dismay, their journey ended when they blended with the sea. The rivers were angry to have their sweet waters tainted with the sea's salt and complained about it endlessly. This naivete amused the sea greatly. Eventually, the amusement turned to anger and he suggested they find a different basin in which to dump their waters. Suddenly they realized their blunder. 'Oh, no,' they thought, 'we'll dry up the sea!' And so they made peace and continued to flow without complaint.
Suggested Use
Apply on face and body and rinse.
Montmorillonite clay (kanwa), shea butter, essential oils, edible coconut, olive oil, olive narcissus (fragrance).
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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