Original High Potency 16 oz Aqua Flora, Candida

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Original High Potency 16 oz Aqua Flora, Candida

Homeopathic Formula
Aqua Flora High Potency is designed for the difficult-to-treat Candida patient who has resisted treatment due to chronic (long term) nature of this plaguing condition.

Suggested Use:  Aqua Flora High Potency should be taken for one month (2 bottles) and then followed up with a month of Aqua Flora Phase I (2 bottles) and the following and final month on Aqua Phase II (2 bottles).

Ingredients: Candida albicans 100c, (the candida cells are dead); allium sativum 6c (garlic), aloe soecotrina 6c (aloe vera), and purified water.

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