10 Billion CFUs Probiotics Once Daily 30 Small Caps, Digestion, Immune

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10 Billion CFUs Probiotics Once Daily 30 Small Caps, Digestion, Immune (


#1 Best Probiotics Supplement: Purebiotics Once Daily Tiny Pearl Sized Tablet - Specially Formulated with 14 of the Most Essential Strains Designed to Improve Your Digestive Health and Strengthen Immunity Including Patented Ultra FOS Organic Inulin Prebiotic - With Over 10 Billion CFU's, Purebiotics Is the Most Robust Probiotic Offered Today for Men, Women and Kids. USA Based GMP Certified Manufactured - 30 Day Supply!

Long Term Digestive Health
Improve Mood and Energy Levels
Immune System Support
Accelerate Fat Loss

PureBiotics by Dynamic Nutrition is a probiotic supplement containing the 14 most effective probiotic strains in the world. Specially formulated to improve digestion and strengthen immunity with Patented Ultra FOS Organic Inulin Prebiotic.  PureBiotic is the most Robust Probiotic containing Over 10 Billion CFU's.

What you may not know is that poor diet, stress, aging, food poisoning and antibiotics can play a significant role in the depletion the good bacteria found in your gut.
PureBiotics is the answer to help restore your gut to a fully functioning machine as it eliminates bad bacteria and results in an healthier, happier you.
All Dynamic Nutrition products are manufactured in a USA based GMP Organic Certified facility and Third Party Tested for Purity.  

DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH ALLERGIES? - Preliminary research suggest that probiotics reduce the bodies allergic response. The studies even go on to suggest that expectant moms who took a probiotic birthed babies with 30-percent less infant allergies (i.e., allergy-induced asthma, inflammation, and childhood eczema).

PROBIOTICS PROMOTE LIFE - Probiotics literally mean "for life" or "promoting life". This small, one a day tablets from PureBiotics contain 14 of the most potent probiotic strains in the world. These little guys enter your body as an army, 10 Billion Strong, of good bacteria to Optimize Digestion, Safeguard Against Infection, Improve Nutritional Absorption, Strengthen Your Immune System and so much more. The PureBiotics Army is your private army to make sure your health is at optimal levels so you can Enjoy Life on your terms.

DID YOU KNOW that PureBiotics unique blend of probiotics have been known to help alleviate a wide range of issues you might be dealing with. For example, the probiotic L acidophilus has been known to prevent lactose tolerance by aiding the body in the digestion of milk products more comfortably and efficiently. How about Infections. Probiotics have been linked to decreasing Yeast and Urinary Tract Infections, Upper Respiratory Infections and even defend against Acne and E. Coli contamination. Probiotics have so many benefits to the human body that it is impossible to name them all, but you can rest assured that if you are having any type of intestinal, digestive or immunity issues the PureBiotics is a must to add to your daily routine.

Studies have shown that probiotics have also been shown to lower cholesterol, aid the liver in decreasing reabsorption in the gut, reduce diarrhea, promote Detoxification - resulting in fewer peptic ulcers and even reducing chronic bad breath, kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay, lessens the effects of gingivitis, reduces the risk of eczema - even in babies when mothers take probiotics during pregnancy and breast-feeding, reduces colic, alleviates bloating, constipation and gas and just in case your wondering, researchers agree that there is NO HARM in adding probiotics to your diet.

FAT LOSS, NO WAY! - While it is unclear as to how probiotics affect weight loss, studies have shown that those who are overweight have different gut bacteria than those who are a normal weight. Probiotics have also been shown to help those who have undergone weight loss surgery to maintain their weight loss. And here's one for women who were pregnant - probiotics play a role in eliminating abdominal fat and shrinking your waist size. While you may not take PureBiotics strictly for weight loss, it is easy to see that there are numerous health benefits to adding PureBiotics to your diet and you just might lose some weight in the process.

Warnings: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.

Disclaimer:  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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